– Phase I,

In support of these efforts, and with the support of FITT’s Steering Committee members, FITT has issued a RFP for a Research Consultant to undertake the research required to answer some of the following questions:

1. What is the international trade sector in Canada in terms of:
• the sectors involved and the degree to which the sector is involved as part of their primary activity including import versus export;
• the number of businesses owned and operated in Canada vs. the number of businesses owned and operated external to Canada;
• the size of organizations and by the sector they are operating in; and,
• the cross-sectoral nature of the sector and the stakeholder groups and their roles in international trade.
2. What is meant by an international trade sector’s labour market in Canada in terms of:
• the occupations in Canada’s international trade sector;
• the number of employees and demographic profile of the labour force; and,
• what is known about the sector’s human resources’:
• retention and recruitment of employees;
• mobility and migration of employees within and external to Canada;
• skills and competencies;
• education;
• internationally educated workers;
• training and professional development;
• emerging occupations in Canada and internationally;
• current and future supply; and,
• labour market trends.
3. What are the current and emerging trends such as environmental, regulatory, technological and economic that will impact the sector in Canada and describe the level of impact these trends will have on the labour force and the current and emerging markets Canadian businesses are involved in or considering.

4. What information and knowledge is available and where are the gaps?

The full RFP can be found on FITT’s website at www.fitt.ca/about/newsList/rfpresearch. Proposals are to be submitted on or before August 6, 2010.

Further communiqués will be forwarded to FITT Stakeholders throughout the duration of the project. If you have any questions please email us at info at fitt.ca.