ITTC's mission is to make your business successful in foreign markets through online and classroom training.

Would you like to import and export better?
  • Do you know the financing tools available that can facilitate your imports and exports?
  • Would you care to improve your skills in international negotiations?
  • Would you complete your list of trustworthy and competent people to help you in your efforts to go international?
  • Do you know how to obtain complete and competitive agreements with your specialist in international transport (forwarding)?
  • Can you make the most of your agreements with your bank?
  • Are you getting the maximum conditions during your negotiations with your overseas buyer?
  • You lack of availability to attend training?
  • You wish to be formed directly on your premises?
  • You prefer a short but interactive training?


Our services: Webinars - Training - Library(french)

ITTC offers you to participate in interactive Webinars.
Subjects such as:
  • Step-by-step to export?
  • Export financing
  • Managing Foreign Exchange Risk
will allow you to increase your competitive capacity on international markets.

We propose you online training, synchronous and interactive. Training such as :
  • Pratical Aspects of International Trade PAIT
  • Customs and logistics
will allow you to optimize internationally the success of your company.

ITTC has a rich and practical library where you can find asynchronous training by videos and various e-books, in order to improve your knowledge. ITTC offers 3 categories (in french for now):
  • PAIT: Practical Aspect of International Trade
  • Customs and logistics

Our highly qualified team, will allow you to understand all international trade subjects and optimize internationally the sucess of your company.

Do you want to be more efficient for you company's success in international trade?

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