Company Principals
MacAlister, Rod
Managing Director
Senior international executive with 30 years experience in global investment, development and management, mostly in the private sector but with the last 2 years in government as President of the US African Development Foundation. Founder and MD of The Africa Middle Market Fund, a private investment fund for African mid-size companies.

Size: $30 million. Open third quarter 2008; closed as soon as commitments are obtained.

Principals: The Fund Manager will be AMMF Capital Management, LLC (Delaware), managed by Rodney J. MacAlister, former CEO of the US African Development Foundation and a former executive with ConocoPhillips.

Countries: Initially Tanzania and Uganda, two of Africa’s highest growth countries, with robust SME opportunities. Kenya and/or Rwanda possible expansion countries.

Sectors: Primarily where there is significant unmet domestic demand or import substitution, and in:

• Agribusiness (food and fuel); • Private health and medical; • Information and telecommunications technology; • Suppliers to extractive and large manufacturing firms; • Materials and services for construction; • Ecotourism; • Microfinance institutions; and • Indigenous businesses with potential to be franchised

Objectives: The Fund will pursue a typical set of financial performance goals, and will measure its blended return by monitoring the (financial) indicators of growth in revenues, wages and taxes. Why?

1. Revenues: Gross sales are the best proxy for trends in economic activity, availability of products and services, local management talent and new employment.

2. Wages: Versus the simple quantity of employees, wages are the best proxy for trends in employee skills, increases in disposable income within a community, increases in efficiency, and the use of technology.

3. Taxes: In cultures of weak transparency and trust, increased payment of taxes is the single best proxy for the increase in transparency and respect for the rule of law.

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